Smarter features for even smarter teams

Deliver your best work together, on time, every time

Multiple Teams

Unique teams can have their own accounts. Control access to individual projects to keep everyone focused

Create Projects

Completit was specifically designed to enhance your team's workflow with tools like task lists and boards

Custom Navigation

Take full, unimpeded control over Ideas, Scopes, Boards, Testing, Bug Fixes and more with Compltit's intuitive navs

Navigation Items

Track all your project features better with unique nav items to mitigate time-waste in between handling tasks

Task Lists

Compltit's task lists with keyboard shortcuts means no more excessive button clicking to build out your structure

Kanban Boards

Adapt Kanban into your strategy to better visualize your work scope, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency

Board Linking
link task list to kanban board column

Have your tasks appear instantly on your board columns by building lists and linking them to your teams various boards

Automated Rules
Task automated rules

Save precious time by automating tasks such as moving cards on boards and when assigning users between boards and columns

Project Overview
Full project overview

Never lose track of your project progression again with a full, 360° overview of everything, even when tasks are completed

How we use Compltit